Birthing in Your Power

To fully open so you can give birth intuitively, as nature has intended you to, it is required of you that you tap into your INNER WISDOM and POWER and that you feel warm, loved and supported

Reconnect with your source of energy.

Remember who you are.

Reclaim your ability to give birth and care for your children lovingly and intuitively.

What is source? Where does your energy come from? How can you get in touch with your senses so that you can learn how to be fully present in the moment? Why are these things important and relevant for pregnancy, birth and your journey as a mother/parent?

This is a subjective side of this work, but to me, it is the most important. To be able to gain authoritative knowlegde over your body and your choices in childbirth, it is crucial that you experience this sense of knowing from within: learning how to feel your body through mindful practices, such as slow breathing, yoga and slow dancing, for example. With intention. 

When you are in touch with yourself, you will remember that you come from a lineage of women who have been giving birth and nurturing their babies and children for thousands and thousands of years. You will remember that you are a mammal, and that, you are innately designed for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. 

Millions of years of refining our physiology has resulted in this perfect human design. Nature wants us to thrive as a species, and so we have. All we must do is tap into this knowledge, which is inside all of us.

By reclaiming your ability to give birth intuitively, taking charge of your decisions, understanding that birth is NOT a medical event, but rather a physiological, emotional, spiritual, social as well as a family event, you are reclaiming your autonomy over your body and your baby or babies. This means not giving your power away to any institution or care provider. Ultimately, you know what is best for you and your baby.

This is why learning how to connect with your inner wisdom will reveal your inner power to you. So you will find the strength you need to give birth as you desire, in love, respect and in total surrender. I am here to love and support you, and maybe guide you a little bit so you can go back in track and find your inner path to your truth in giving birth in your unique way.