Birth Services and Packages

Birthing Hearts:


Facilitates home birth experiences rooted in the woman's inner-guidance and autonomy.


Creates the conditions for mothers, as the beacon of physical, emotional and spiritual health on Earth, to thrive.


Provides mothers, families and their communities with education, information and loving guidance so that the community shows up for their mothers and supports them with what they need in order to thrive.


Cultivates healthy life-style choices in harmony with our inner cycles and the cycles of Nature and we inspire mothers to do the same throughout their pregnancies and postpartum time. 


Walks with women who know they are the experts when it comes to their bodies, births and babies.


Serves women, their babies and their families, respecting their inner-knowing, intuition, desires and choices.


Grows the modern knowledge about holistic women's health and draws on intuition, divine guidance and ancestral traditional healing wisdom to best serve the community.


Protects the Primal Continuum of Life (from conception, through intra-uterine life - gestation, birth, postpartum, exogestation up until the first 3 years of a baby's life) and shares loving guidance with women and families in their parenting journey.


Provides heart-centered and hands-on healing techniques to support women in their healing journeys prior to and after pregnancy so they can integrate their experience after the birth and be recognized by their community for their amazing work of being the sacred creators of human life on Planet Earth.

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