You are powerful.

Your body is wise.

Your baby is wise.

You know how to give birth. 

Reconnect. Remember. Reclaim. 

I am a mother of 4 children, whose very existence and births have changed and transformed the way I see myself and the world we live in, finding my voice and my inner strength as a woman and a mother. I have had 2 vaginal births in a hospital setting in two different countries which taught me that I wanted to give birth differently. That is why I chose to give birth at home the third and fourth times. I chose to be supported by a midwife and a doula. Those were the times I experienced in my body what giving birth in my power and on my terms felt like: so right and perfect! 

Meet Maíra

Mother, Doula, Student Midwife, Yogini

What I specialize in

Conscious Conception

Prenatal Support, Yoga, Mindful Movement & Education

Supporting Your Birth

The First 40 days Postpartum

Exo-gestation, Community and Beyond

I was giving birth in a foreign land, adrift from the motherly and sisterly support that I could have had back home. Maira was both my mother and sister during this critical period. My husband and I deeply appreciated her reassuring presence and support when I went into labour. It was a long labour but I felt secure and knew I was in good hands because she was with me at ever stage.

Yanqi Luo

J'ai eu l'accouchement que je désirais car je m'y étais préparée et aussi car je savais que j’étais bien entourée et ceci en partie grace a elle.

"I had the birth that I desired because I prepared myself for it and also because I knew I was well supported, and this was partially thanks to her". 

Coralie Deglon

 I knew that I would need a mother to help me in the moments I would become a mother; and I would be half a world away from my own. Hiring Maira as my doula was not only the best decision I made in a season of multiple major life changes, but her presence was a gift to me. Her steady strength was calming and empowering.

Tiffany Hoover

“Women do better in childbirth in a warm, safe place, where they do not feel watched or judged, with the help of a mother or trusted mother-figure to help them.” 

          Michel Odent           

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