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You are powerful.

Your body is wise.

Your baby is wise.

You know how to give birth. 

Reconnect. Re-member. Reclaim. 

I like to think of myself as a Radical BirthKeeper, one who is dedicated to support and walk with women who want to take charge and responsibility for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. I believe in autonomy, freedom and being true to oneself. I serve women with an open heart and deep respect for them, their story and their families.

The Tao of Midwifery

And so…

The wise one completes her work by doing nothing.

Things arise and she lets them come,

Things leave and she lets them go.

Creating, not possessing,

Facilitating, yet laying no claim.

And when her work is done, she forgets about it, and so it lasts forever!


Meet Maíra,

Sovereign Birth Worker

What I specialize in

Conscious Conception Counseling

Prenatal Care, Yoga, Mindful Movement & Education - Create your Vision for Your Birth and Postpartum

Supporting Your Birth: You Are the Expert in Your Experience -

Physiological &

Undisturbed Birth

The First 40 days Postpartum - Traditional PP Care including Massage, Womb Healing and Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Breastfeeding Support, Attachment Parenting,

Exo-gestation, Community and Beyond

I was giving birth in a foreign land, adrift from the motherly and sisterly support that I could have had back home. Maira was both my mother and sister during this critical period. My husband and I deeply appreciated her reassuring presence and support when I went into labour. It was a long labour but I felt secure and knew I was in good hands because she was with me at every stage.

Yanqi Luo

J'ai eu l'accouchement que je désirais car je m'y étais préparée et aussi car je savais que j’étais bien entourée et ceci en partie grace a elle.

"I had the birth that I desired because I prepared myself for it and also because I knew I was well supported, and this was partially thanks to her". 

Coralie Deglon

 I knew that I would need a mother to help me in the moments I would become a mother; and I would be half a world away from my own. Hiring Maira as my doula was not only the best decision I made in a season of multiple major life changes, but her presence was a gift to me. Her steady strength was calming and empowering.

Tiffany Hoover

“Women do better in childbirth in a warm, safe place, where they do not feel watched or judged, with the help of a mother or trusted mother-figure to help them.” 

          Michel Odent           

Birthing Hearts' Mission Statement

Birthing Hearts:


Facilitates home birth experiences rooted in the woman's inner-guidance and autonomy.


Creates the conditions for mothers, as the beacon of physical, emotional and spiritual health on Earth, to thrive.


Provides mothers, families and their communities with education, information and loving guidance so that the community shows up for their mothers and supports them with what they need in order to thrive.


Cultivates healthy life-style choices in harmony with our inner cycles and the cycles of Nature and we inspire mothers to do the same throughout their pregnancies and postpartum time. 


Walks with women who know they are the experts when it comes to their bodies, births and babies.


Serves women, their babies and their families, respecting their inner-knowing, intuition, desires and choices.


Grows the modern knowledge about holistic women's health and draws on intuition, divine guidance and ancestral traditional healing wisdom to best serve the community.


Protects the Primal Continuum of Life (from conception, through intra-uterine life - gestation, birth, postpartum, exogestation up until the first 3 years of a baby's life) and shares loving guidance with women and families in their parenting journey.


Provides heart-centered and hands-on healing techniques to support women in their healing journeys prior to and after pregnancy so they can integrate their experience after the birth and be recognized by their community for their amazing work of being the sacred creators of human life on Planet Earth.

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