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Birth in Your Power and Freely

As an authentic, ancestral and independent traditional birth attendant (mid-wife at its roots with woman), I invite you to experience sovereign home birth rooted in your inner knowing and autonomy. I support physiological and undisturbed birth, offering my presence, encouragement, love and reassurance as an ANCHOR for you to have the birth that you want and that is most aligned for you and your family. 

The Tao of Midwifery

And so…

The wise one completes her work by doing nothing.

Things arise and she lets them come,

Things leave and she lets them go.

Creating, not possessing,

Facilitating, yet laying no claim.

And when her work is done, she forgets about it, and so it lasts forever!

Re-member who you are

Reconnect with your inner-knower

Reclaim your ability to give birth intuitively

When you are present with your body, in a regulated state, you remember that you come from a lineage of women who have given birth successfully and nurtured their babies and children for thousands and thousands of years. You remember your instinctual self as a mammal and your innate inner knowing for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond. 

Thousands of years of refining our physiology has resulted in this perfect design. Nature wants us to thrive as a species, and so we have. All we must do is tap into this knowledge, which is inside all of us. Choosing the right people to walk with you during this time is of utmost importance. When you are free to choose where, how and with whom you want to give birth, your chances of having the birth that you desire are much higher. 

By reclaiming your ability to give birth intuitively, taking charge of your decisions, understanding that birth is NOT a medical event, but rather a physiological, emotional, spiritual, social as well as a family event, you are reclaiming your autonomy over your body and your babies. This means not giving your power away to any institution or care provider. Ultimately, you know what is best for you and your baby.

This is why learning how to connect with your inner wisdom will reveal your inner power to you. So you will find the strength you need to give birth as you desire, surrounded by love, respect and in total surrender. I am here to love, support you, and provide guidance, perspective and reassurance on this journey. 

I offer comprehensive holistic individualized prenatal care and counseling that may begin before conception and will continue for your childbearing full year: all of your pregnancy, the process of your birth and throughout the fourth trimester. Authentic Traditional Midwifery Care is fundamentally different from modern obstetrics or even mainstream midwifery. I offer hands-on healing care and counseling during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. By developing a relationship with me as your midwife, we are able to trust in each other and in the process itself, knowing that although we do not control outcomes, we can work together to optimize results.

By reclaiming birth as a rite of passage, we are able to embrace ALL the experience as a WHOLE. Pregnancy is a tremendous opportunity to go deeper embracing both the light and the shadow within, the uncomfortable bits of ourselves that will help us to uncover and release fears, doubts and even past trauma. Birth is a threshold through which no one comes out unchanged. You will be transformed by it. Birth is raw, primal and not an experience of the logical and thinking mind. 

By working together utilizing various tools such as nutritional counseling, bodywork, energy healing, conversation, dancing, mindful moving, breathing, meditating, art, shamanic work, ritual & ceremony, lifestyle and wellbeing and whatever else we can, we are able to release what doesn’t  serve us anymore, thus leaving a clear slate where what we're wanting to create can blossom. When we choose to walk alongside each other on this journey, we will dive deep into the waters of your being so you feel safe and loved to do what only YOU can do: bring your baby Earthside and mother intuitively!

If you would like to get a closer look of what it feels like to have me walk with you, I invite you to listen to the following interview by my adored member and dear friend Sparrow on the Free Birth Society Podcast:

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