Traditional Postpartum Care Packages

Set your trajectory of Health and Healing for LIFE during your postpartum time. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is one of the three Golden Opportunities to heal  in a woman's life. In the Ayurvedic Tradition, it is known as The Sacred Window. As an Innate Traditions Certified Postpartum Care Practitioner and an independent traditional midwife, I offer practices rooted in traditional healing wisdom from around the world as well as women's and babies' physiologic design.

These packages are ideal for the First 40 Days Postpartum and the 4th Trimester. The foundational principles for postpartum healing are REST, WARMTH, BODYWORK, ADEQUATE NUTRITION and COMMUNITY SUPPORT. All of my packages include services that will create what a mother needs in order to thrive after birth.

Note: every woman who has given birth (vaginally or by surgery) or who has had an abortion or a miscarriage is "postpartum", which literally means after birth. Thus, my services are appropriate for women in any post-birth situation regardless of how long postpartum they are. 


Please note: these are in-person services for Los Angeles, California, and surroundings. Traveling fees may apply. Closing ceremonies last 3-4 hours. Regular postpartum visits last 2-3 hours and may include the following services depending on what's appropriate/needed at the time:

  • Debriefing of your birth story or other - integration of your experience

  • Full-body massage with warm therapeutic oil

  • Intuitive breast and womb massage

  • Belly binding

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Vaginal/Yoni steaming prep

  • Herbal Bath preparation

  • Nutrition, herbs and supplement guidance

  • Moxa Treatment

  • Castor-oil packs

  • Meal prepping and cooking of healing meals​

  • "Cerrada" - Closing of the Bones Ceremony

  • Newborn Care rooted in babies' physiologic design and attachment parenting strategies

  • Baby Massage


Watch Maryn Green, Independent Midwife and creatrix of Indie Birth, my mentor and friend, share about her experience with her Closing of the Bones Ceremony with me here

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