Mother and Daughter

Village Prenatal

A Village prenatal is a special kind of women's circle, where we sit together to celebrate and witness the pregnant women in our community who are preparing to give birth. It's also a chance to commune with like-minded women and mothers and talk about all things fertility, mothering, breastfeeding, postpartum and beyond.

In-Person in Los Angeles

Women have sat together to talk about their birthing experiences for millennia. Those who are preparing to give birth deserve our most dedicated and special presence as they prepare to cross the threshold between Heaven and Earth to bring their babies into this physical plane. 

In Village Prenatals, we will share our positive birth experiences, talk about our ideal vision for birth and speak our fears and worries into this sacred container. No feedback is necessary. It's a witnessing space where we celebrate the Mothers of our community. 

If you are a birth worker but do not have a story to share and still want to participate, you are most welcome to come and support the circle. If you are recovering from a traumatic birth experience and need to process it, this is not the space to do so. Maíra offers birth processing one-on-one calls and other special circles where these stories can be safely and lovingly held.


Village Prenatals are a special kind of circle ⭕️ , where Mothers are held, loved, taken care of, witnessed and listened to as they prepare for their upcoming birthing experience no matter how many times (or not) they have gone through this rite of passage. 

For the Summer/Fall Series, the next available dates are (Saturday mornings):
August 27th, 2022
September 24th, 2022
October 29th, 2022
November 26th, 2022

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